My Full Name and Student No

December 20, 2008

Finally the semester comes to the end. The most exciting thing I learnt was the blender 3D, with which I can make simple 3D objects by myself now!!

Thanks a lot for teaching us, Benjaminnn~Look forward to a similar advanced course.

Here is my full name: Lei Lai Kei, Sinha

And my student no.: S-A5-1744-1


Assignment 3 – Munny in Blender

December 20, 2008

Christmas is approaching. As this is one of my favourite festivals, I decided to make a munny of Christmas edition. Red and green are used as the main colors because red stands for happiness and green, a christmas tree.

So here is my final design.



Parts of the project.

1. Munny munnyrender31

The Christmas gown is textured with flannelet and snowflake first, then 3D hat and white sleeves are joined. The hair of the munny is textured also.


 2. Box

The box, to match the style of the munny, is textured with snowflake too.


And the UV layouts follow.

1. Munny unwrap


2. Box unwrap


3.  Christmas hat



“Respire” 3D

December 4, 2008

Digital arts allows us to create a fancy world.

The 3D animation Respire tells a little girl a day’s life with nature, monitored by the CCTV.

It’s interesting with the the girl’s actions and the storyline.



November 22, 2008

See how Olivier Beaudoin creates and destroys the world with quotation marks and typography within four minutes. Interesting and meaningful.


An interesting trailer~

November 21, 2008

Below is the trailer of Berlin Interfilm Short Film Festival in November. Besides drawings, real vegetables and torn papers are used to create a funny animation.



Assignment 2 – Image Manipulation – 007

November 20, 2008

The newly released 007 James Bond movie “Quantum of Solace” and my boyfriend James Lu inspired me to work out this assignment. Special thanks to them.

007 posters were “stuck” onto the walls. The fake James Bond was attracted by the lady who’s passing by and amused to have different facial expressions as her dress was blown up by the wind.

In my final image, the first two appearances of the lady is made transparent to create motion. From the lady walked by to her dress was blown up, there are changes in James’ facial expressions also, as a motion, in the poster.

Here are my final work and my ideas of the image.

Final Image


First, I took a sequence of photos of James and joined his face to the original 007 poster.

orignal 007 poster


3 of the 5 new 007 posters

 007_1 007_21 007_51

Then I found my empty scene and the lady on google. The lady’s dress in the pix was blown up. I tried to recover the dress in photoshop so that the first two and the last were not the same.

Empty scene


the lady



With different types of Design and Graphics Tutorial

November 7, 2008

Surfing on the net, I find Graphics.com whose domain name is all about ‘graphics’.  Designers of different styles share their pieces and albums. And FREE tutorials including Photoshop and others can be found in the resources link. The tutorials are easy to learn and follow.


Some pieces on the Web:



Answer to a Prayer


Watercolor Dream (sexy…I like it!)


They Can’t Find You Underwater